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So Little Time

Premiered: June, 2001
Written By: Randi Barnes
Directed By: Mark Cendrowski and Richard Correll (I)
Genre: Comedy
Ran for: 30 minutes (26 episodes)

Company Credits
Produced By: Untitled Series Inc.
Distributed By: ABC Family, Fox Family Channel, and YTV

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Riley Carlson
Ashley Olsen . . . Chloe Carlson
Clare Carey . . . Macy Carlson
Eric Lutes . . . Jake Carlson
Taylor Negron . . . Manuelo Del Valle
Jesse Head . . . Larry Slotnik
Natasha Williams . . . Teddi
Amy Davidson . . . Cammie
Ben Easter . . . Lennon
Brandon Tyler . . . Travis Morgan

01. Daytime Emmy Awards Mary-Kate Olsen was nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series in 2002

   Riley and Chloe Carlson are twin sisters growing up in Malibu. Their parents, fashion-designer Macy, are separated. Macy stays in the house with the girls and the housekeeper, while Jake lives in a trailer nearby and is still very much a part of their lives. Supermodel Teddi is always hanging around, and then there's Larry Slotnik, the nerd who's hopelessly obsessed with Riley. Manuelo keeps things lively with his great cooking and his sense of humor. Riley and Chloe deal with such things as doing community service, school problems, and, of course, boys.

Chloe Carlson (Played by Ashley)
   Very similar to Mary-Kate's character (below) and to her character in Winning London. Chloe's a little ditzy, a lot guy-crazy, but her heart's in the right place.

Riley Carlson (Played by Mary-Kate)
   Very similar to Ashley's character (above) and to her character in Winning London. Riley is less school-oriented than she was in Winning London, but she still gets okay grades. She is the object of Larry Slotnik's affection, but she never returns his feelings.

Their Relationship
   Riley and Chloe got along pretty well in this series. Since they were so similar, they really couldn't help it. They are usually in pretty much the same predicament. Community service jobs that they hate, taking classes that they're terrible at. So they sort of support each other and help each other through things.