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Mary-Kate and Ashley are born on June 13 in Los Angeles, California.

In February, at 7 months old, Mary-Kate and Ashley go on an audition for Full House and win the part of Michelle Tanner. Full House begins shooting in September and makes its television debut on September 22.

In June the girls begin shooting their first movie, To Grandmother's House We Go, in Canada. In September Ashley loses her first tooth, and Mary-Kate loses hers four weeks later.

Our First Video, the girls' first music video, is released in April. The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley detective video series is released in November. Their first book series is released the same month.

Sleepover Party, the first You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's video, is released in September. In December Mary-Kate and Ashley spend Christmas on the U.S.S. Sensation filming The Case of the Mystery Cruise.

Mary-Kate and Ashley take a vacation in the Carribean in June aboard the U.S.S. Imagination. The next month, in July, they film The Case of the Sea World Adventure. In October the girls' visit the NASA space camp, where they meet an astronaut, and film The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission. They both lose their front teeth that month on location in Florida. In December Mary-Kate gets her first pony and named him CD.

In April Mary-Kate and Ashley film their first feature film, It Takes Two, also starring Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg. Mary-Kate and Ashley learn to surf from a Hawaiian pro surfer in July, and they win the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actresses for It Takes Two.

Mary-Kate and Ashley shoot their Christmas Party video on the slopes in Vail, Colorado in February. The girls have their first encounter with make-up in the spring when they start wearing lip gloss, eye shadow, and a little blush. In November Mary-Kate and Ashley ride on the Jell-O float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

In August Mary-Kate and Ashley go on a Florida cruise aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship. In September Two of a Kind airs on ABC.

Passport to Paris is filmed on location in Paris in June on the girls' first trip to Europe. Mary-Kate and Ashley start the 8th grade in September and join the cheerleading squad. In October their official website takes to the 'Net.

Mary-Kate and Ashley shoot Our Lips Are Sealed on location in Australia in April. In May the Mary-Kate and Ashley fashion dolls are released, and achieve great success. On September 25 Mary-Kate and Ashley go to their first major concert, the Counting Crows. In October they spend a month in Great Britain to film Winning London.

In January the mary-kateandashley fashion line hits Wal*Mart stores. Mary-Kate and Ashley's show So Little Time premieres in June. The girls start dating in summer. In August Mary-Kate and Ashley are named "Most Powerful Young Women in Hollywood" by the Hollywood Reporter. Mary-Kate and Ashley get their learner's permits in October. That same month, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! debuts. In November Mary-Kate and Ashley visit the Caribbean to shoot Holiday in the Sun.

Getting There is shot in Deer Valley, Utah in February. Mary-Kate and Ashley end their sophomore year of high school in spring and start studing for the SAT's. In April the girls spend time in Italy filming When In Rome. They attend Trent's high school celebration in June, and on June 13 they get their licenses. In September their last direct-to-video movie is filmed, possibly in the South Pacific.

Largely borrowed from the official site.