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Winning London

Released: March 27, 2001
Written By: Karol Ann Hoeffner
Directed By: Craig Shapiro
Genre: Family
Length: 96 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Chloe Lawrence
Ashley Olsen . . . Riley Lawrence
Brandon Tyler . . . Brian
Jesse Spencer . . . James Browning
Eric Jungmann . . . Dylan
Rachel Roth . . . Rachel
Steven Shenbaum . . . Mr. Holmes
Paul Ridley . . . Lord Browning
Jarrett Lennon . . . Randall
Leo Dolan . . . Cockney Cabbie

1. We're In England - Ashley Olsen
2. Get Out of London - Intaferon
3. Shopping In Style - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
4. Just Can't Get Enough - Sam Walker
5. Thank You For Clarifying - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
6. Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
7. War - Mary-Kate Olsen
8. Danger - Noogie
9. Heavy and Struck - The American Girls
10. Romeo, Romeo - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/Eric Jungmann/Jesse Spencer
11. Safe in the Arms of Love - Christian Davis
12. Never Forget You - Holly Long
13. Treat Yourself - Family Fantastic
14. Polo - Mary-Kate Olsen/Jesse Spencer
15. Knockin' On Ya Door - The Radioactivators
16. Safe in the Arms of Love - Christian Davis

Riley (Played by Ashley)
   In the beginning, Riley was all about having fun, and she didn't really care about winning the competition. She was boy-crazy and had only joined the team to get Brian. She wasn't exactly ditzy, but she was definitely the more laid-back twin. But throughout the movie, Riley grows and becomes more serious. At the end, she genuinely cares about the outcome of the Model UN competition.

Chloe (Played by Mary-Kate)
   Chloe is very competitive, compassionate, and she is very concerned with the world around her. She is determined to win the Model UN competition. But just as Riley learns from Chloe throughout the movie, Chloe learns from Riley as well. Chloe learns that it's not always about winning, and she loosens up considerably.


  • Riley and Chloe are also the names of the twins in So Little Time, but in the show, Mary-Kate plays Riley and Ashley plays Chloe.
  • Brandon Tyler, who played Brian, and Rachel Roth, who played Rachel, have also appeared in So Little Time.