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When In Rome

Released: November 26, 2002
Written By: Michael Swerdlick
Directed By: Steve Purcell (IV)
Genre: Family
Length: 94 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Charli
Ashley Olsen . . . Leila
Leslie Danon . . . Jami
Julian Stone (I) . . . Derek Hammond
Michelangelo Tommaso . . . Paolo
Derek Lee Nixon . . . Ryan
Valentina Mattolini . . . Heidi
Alberto Bognanni . . . Gianni

   Twins Charli and Leila Hunter are spending their summer in Rome as fashion interns. They have a lot of enthusiasm for the job, but that dies down when they learn that they won't be designing clothes--they get to work in the mail room and run errands. Their are four other interns working for the company that summer. Charli is paired with a native Italian named Paolo, and Leila works with a girl named Heidi. After mishaps involving coffee and a broken CD, Charli and Leila are both fired from the company. However, they meet the head of the company, Derek Hammond, and he takes them to stay at his home. While there, Leila meets Mr. Hammond's nephew, Ryan, who is staying for the summer. Mr. Hammond enlists Leila's help in getting Ryan to come to work at the fashion company rather than hanging around Mr. Hammond's house all summer. The girls go back to work, but after a mishap with some missing clothes, they are fired again. However, they suspect that one of Mr. Hammond's employees is not what he seems, and they set out to expose him and to get their jobs back.