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Switching Goals

Released: December 12, 1999
Written By: David Kukoff and Matt Roshkow
Directed By: David Steinberg (I)
Genre: Comedy/Family
Length: 85 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Samantha "Sam" Stanton
Ashley Olsen . . . Emma Stanton
Eric Lutes . . . Jerry Stanton
Kathryn Greenwood . . . Denise
Robert Clark (II) . . . Helmet Head
Joe Grifasi . . . Dave
Ted Atherton . . . Mitch
Trevor Blumas . . . Greg Jeffries
Vito Rezza . . . Sal
Jesse Farb . . . Oscar
Jake LeDoux . . . Richie
Brian Heighton . . . Jim
Demir Andrei . . . Arden

   Originally an ABC telefilm, Switching Goals comes to video. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play super-identical twins who are actually total opposites. OK, it's not the freshest concept in the universe, but the teen divas (who also exec produce--as they did in their Passport to Paris) are an undeniable favorite with little girls all-over. Here, they're Sam, the athletic one, and Emma, the fashion-conscious one. Their indulgent dad (Eric Lutes) coaches a soccer team and their workaholic mother (Kathryn Greenwood) is a psychologist. Look for a switch, the truth to be revealed, and all to end well. This video may prove to be just the perfect gift for any young girl between 4 and 10. Not only will they get to gaze up on the familiar, comforting countenances of the Olsens, but given how many young 'uns play soccer, there's even more to relate to.
    --N. F. Mendoza for