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Passport to Paris

Released: November 9, 1999
Written By: Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro
Directed By: Alan Metter
Genre: Family/Comedy
Length: 87 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Melanie 'Mel' Porter
Ashley Olsen . . . Allyson 'Ally' Porter
Peter White (I) . . . Grandpa 'Ambassador' Edward
Matt Winston (I) . . . Jeremy Bluff
Yvonne Sci˛ . . . Brigitte
Brocker Way . . . Jean
Ethan Peck . . . Michel
Franšois Giroday . . . Henri
Jon Menick . . . Francois
Doran Clark . . . Barbara Porter
Matt McCoy . . . Jack Porter
Robert Martin Robinson . . . Mssr. De Beauvoir
Laura Julian . . . Madame De Beauvoir
Logan Robbins . . . Kyle
Matt Freund . . . Shane

   Melanie and Allyson Porter have the perfect sprink break planned: hanging with friends, pool parties, and dates to the dance with the two cutest boys at their school. That is, until their parents decide to broaden the girls' horizons and send them to Paris to stay with their grandfather Edward, who is the ambassador to France. Their grandfather is a busy man, so they are stuck with his assistant, Jeremy, as their tour guide. Jeremy forbids them to spend time with two cute French boys that Ally and Mel have met, but they hook him up with a supermodel girlfriend and he loosens up a bit. The girls have a blast cruising the city with Jean and Michel, until Edward finds out about it. He makes them ditch the boys and go to a fancy dinner that he's had planned instead. There, Ally and Mel see that their grandfather is having trouble convincing his guests of his solution to the city's water problem. The girls think quickly and use something they learned in school to help their grandfather out. Now if they can only convince him to let them hang out with Jean and Michel, they'll have the perfect trip.

Allyson (Played by Ashley)
   Allyson goes by Ally, or Al. She is overconfident about her ability to speak French, and because of that she lands the girls in some awkward situations. She's up on fashion and likes to read typical teen magazines.

Melanie (Played by Mary-Kate)
   Melanie goes by Mel. She doesn't seem to know anything about the French language. She is interested in music, and luckily she gets the boy that speaks English. It is mentioned (jokingly) that she has a big mouth.

01. The names Allyson and Melanie are both of French origin.

01. When Ally is changing the itinerary the computer screen shows that she has typed in 'Luxembourg Gardens.' However, in a shot of her hand typing, she is shown typing an 'h.' There is no 'h' in Luxembourg Gardens.
02. The bottom of Ally's hair is flipped outward and Melanie's is curled under when they get in the car to go to the airport on the way to Paris. But when they get out of the car to go see their grandfather, a shot from behind shows both girls with their hair curled under. Once they get inside the Embassy, Ally's hair is flipped out again instead of being curled under.