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Our Lips Are Sealed

Released: 2000
Written By: Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro
Directed By: Craig Shapiro
Genre: Family/Comedy
Length: 89 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Mary-Kate Parker/Maddy Turtleby
Ashley Olsen . . . Ashley Parker/Abby Turtleby
Jim Meskimen . . . Rick Parker/Stanley Turtleby
Tamara Clatterbuck . . . Teri Parker/Shirley Turtleby
Ryan Clark . . . Pete
Scott Swalwell . . . Avery
Jade Bronneberg . . . Victoria
Jo Phillips . . . Agent Kathryn "Katie" Smith
Harold Hopkins . . . Shelby Shaw
Jason Clarke (I) . . . Mac
Richard Carter (VI) . . . Sidney
Ernie Hudson Jr. . . . Agent Banner
Willie Garson . . . Agent Norm

   Mary-Kate and Ashley Parker are twin sisters who have just completely bombed their first day of high school. After school, they witness a man stealing the Kneel Diamond from a museum and have to testify against him in court. He is the nephew of notorious criminal Emil Hatchew, who swears he will track the Parkers down. Unknown to the girls, Hatchew's nephew stashed the diamond in Ashley's backpack before he was arrested. The Parker family is placed in the Witness Protection Program, but the girls have trouble keeping their real identities a secret. After blowing their various covers around the country, they are finally moved to Australia and assume the identites of the Turtlebys--Stanley and Shirley, and their daughters Abby and Maddy. Abby and Maddy finally fit in with the popular crowd and their ringleader, Victoria. They like being popular, but hanging out with Pete and Avery, two cuties who are definitely not in Victoria's group, is even more fun. They're having the time of their lives, but meanwhile Emil Hatchew sends two of his men, Mac and Sydney, to stay at the inn and get the diamond back from the girls. Abby, not knowing that the diamond was stolen, finds it and turns it into a necklace. Mac and Sydney are sort of dumb, and the girls eventually figure out what they're up to. Abby and Maddy get their parents out of the house for a weekend vacation so they can take care of Hatchew's men. They have a plan, but will the FBI trust them and get to Australia in time to help the girls?

01. Papa Oom Mow Mow - The Rivingtons
02. Hell in a Habitrail - Quickie
03. 100 Miles - Catie Curtis
04. Just Fine - Holly Long
05. Hey Now Now - Swirl 360
06. Love About You - Simone Hardy
07. Get Up and Go - Four Piece Suit
08. Sugar (from "Passport to Paris") - Stretch Princess
09. Disaster Fiend (from "Passport to Paris") - New Bitter Pop Stars
10. Mr. Fabulous - Noogie
11. Show Me - Bree Sharp

Ashley/Abby (Played by Ashley)
   Ashley/Abby is too focused on popularity. She often wants to ditch Pete and Avery to salvage her status with Victoria, but she will sometimes blow off Victoria to hang with Pete and Avery anyway. She gets so desperate that she spills secrets to get in with the in crowd. She is portrayed as the ditzy twin, but she has a few "brainy lines."

Mary-Kate/Maddy (Played by Mary-Kate)
   Mary-Kate/Maddy wants to be popular, but not so much as Ashley/Abby. She is more sensitive to people's feelings than her sister. Mary-Kate/Maddy doesn't like Victoria's snobbiness, but she forgives her in the end. Mary-Kate/Maddy shows her athletic ability when she was playing with the boomerang on the beach. She just wants to have fun. She gets most of the "brainy lines."

01. The film was originally going to be called "Blabbermouths."
02. Before they receive their new identities, we never hear the Parker sisters' names. The credits list them as Ashley Parker and Mary-Kate Parker.