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How the West Was Fun

Released: November 19, 1994
Written By: Jurgen Wolff
Directed By: Stuart Margolin
Genre: Family/Adventure
Length: 96 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Susie Martin
Ashley Olsen . . . Jessica Martin
Martin Mull . . . Bart Gafooley
Patrick Cassidy (I) . . . Stephen Martin
Peg Phillips . . . Natty
Ben Cardinal . . . George
Michele Greene . . . Laura
Leon Pownall . . . Leo McRugger
Wes Tritter . . . Cookie
Elizabeth Olsen . . . Girl in car
Jacqueline Robbins . . . Twin #1
Joyce Robbins . . . Twin #2

   Twins Susie and Jessica Martin are being raised by their single dad, Stephen, after their mother passed away. One day they get a call from Natty, a woman who runs a dude ranch that their mother used to stay at. She needs help with her ranch. After "arranging" things with Stephen's boss, the twins convince him to take them to the ranch. Jessica and Susie find some things of their mother's--and they also discover why Natty's ranch is doing so poorly. Her son, Bart, has been burning her reservation letters! Bart is scheming with businessman Leo McRugger to turn the land into a theme park, Gafooley Land. It's up to Jessica and Susie to stop him, and they're going straight to the top. The girls use their charm and wit to arrange a weekend at the dude ranch for McRugger so he can see how beautiful it is. But Bart has set out to ruin their weekend--and things could even turn dangerous.

Jessica and Susie
   Jessica and Susie are both curious and adventurous, and very dedicated. They are willing to do anything to save the ranch. Luckily, they've got loads of charm and a persuasive nature to help them do it.

01. Tricking your parents will eventually catch up to you. (Learned by Jessica and Susie.)
02. Hard work and determination pay off in the end. (Learned by Jessica, Susie, Natty, and Stephen.)

01. Lizzie Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley's younger sister, has a cameo as the girl in the car when the girls go to see Leo McRugger.