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Holiday in the Sun

Released: November 20, 2001
Written By: Brent Goldberg and David Wagner
Directed By: Steve Purcell (IV)
Genre: Family
Length: 88 minutes

Mary-Kate Olsen . . . Madison Stewart
Ashley Olsen . . . Alex Stewart
Austin Nichols . . . Griffen Grayson
Ben Easter . . . Jordan Landers
Billy Aaron Brown . . . Scott
Ashley Hughes . . . Keegan Grayson
Markus Flanigan . . . Harrison Stewart
Jamie Rose . . . Judy Stewart
Jeff Altman . . . Chad Grayson
Wendy Schaal . . . Jill Grayson
Megan Fox . . . Brianna Wallace

   When twin sisters Alex and Madison Stewart are whisked away to the Bahamas for winter break, it seems like they should be thrilled. Unfortunately, they had already been looking forward to a trip to Hawaii with their friends, and they're a little bummed about having to cancel. But, it's a little hard to be upset in the Bahamas, and twenty minutes into the movie, they're having a blast and have pushed Hawaii to the back of their minds. Madison and Alex decide to have the time of their lives, and they do. These girls waste no time making friends, and soon they're living it up. They meet guys, party, swim with dolphins, you name it. But when one of their new friends lands in jail for smuggling antiquities, it's up to Alex and Madison to find out what's really going on and bail Jordan out.

01. Island in the Sun - Empty Trash f/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
02. Us Against the World - Play
03. Lord Apollo - Mirainga
04. Run Away - Toyshop
05. Can't Get You Out of My Head - Empty Trash
06. Everybody Crazy - Toyshop
07. Shades of Love - Empty Trash
08. A Timeless Tale - Eva Trout
09. Alright Already - Mirainga
10. Simply Most Loved - The American Girls
11. Otherwise - Noogie
12. Hawaiian Dreams - The Flys

Alex (Played by Ashley)
   Alex Stewart is greatly impacted by first impressions--get on her bad side and it'll take a lot of work to redeem yourself. She has trouble accepting Griffen as more than the geeky kid she grew up with. It takes her a while to accept the fact that people are capable of change. She can be a little wild, and she's willing to break rules--or lie to get around them. She loves to prove sayings wrong. Alex has an unshakable faith in her friends, and she's always ready to help a friend who's in trouble.

Madison (Played by Mary-Kate)
   Madison is much more flexible than Alex. She is quicker to recognize that people can change, and she is portrayed as the more intellectual twin. We get the sense tha Madison is the more mature twin when they are having discussions. Alex always wants to have her way and be right, and it's usually Madison who backs off and lets her win. Madison loves to read and will only like a guy if he's actually got a brain. She wants to live in the moment, but sometimes finds it difficult. Madison is less na´ve than Alex and sometimes has to give her sister a reality check, like when they are in jail for smuggling antiquities.

01. Make the best of any situation that comes your way, and you're most likely going to have a good time. (Learned by Alex and Madison.)
02. Have faith in your friends, and help them out whenever they need it. (Learned by Alex and Madison.)
03. Make sure you know who your friends are and that they really care about you. (Learned by Jordan.)
04. Be yourself and be honest with your feelings. (Learned by Griffen.)

01. Over the course of 6 days in the movie: Madison wears 18 different outfits and 6 swimsuits; Alex wears 17 outfits and 8 swimsuits; and Alex and Madison each change their hairstyles 23 times, averaging almost 4 hairstyles each day.
02. Ben Easter, who played Jordan Landers, went on to play Lennon in So Little Time, another love interest of Ashley's.
03. Billy Aaron Brown, who played Scott, also played Danny in Getting There.
04. The movie was originally going to be called The Last Family Vacation.

01. In their science class, the teacher says that H2O is hydrogen dioxide. H2O is really dihydrogen oxide, which is water.
02. When Alex and Madison are saying hi to the Graysons in the hotel lobby, Griffen and Keegan switch places between shots.
03. When Griffen and Scott are running on the beach, they are shown passing several blue and white striped beach chairs. The camera cuts to a straight-on front angle, and not two seconds later, the chairs are nowhere to be seen.
04. Keegan goes to the refreshment hut on the beach and orders a "beer, heavy on the root." She is handed a can of A&W, but it isn't root beer. A&W root beer cans are dark brown. Keegan's can is light brown, which means it is cream soda.
05. The days get mixed up. Madison and Scott are sitting on the beach and Madison tells him that she had a great time horseback riding with him "today," but they went riding the afternoon of the previous day.
06. When Alex and Jordan are getting ready to go feed the fish, they are shown from the back in their wetsuits, and Alex's hair is pulled into a very low ponytail at the start of her neck. In the next shot, her ponytail is in the middle of the back of her head, significantly higher than it had been before.