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Name: Mary-Kate Olsen
Birthday: June 13, 1986
Age: 17
Grade: 12 (Senior)
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, California
Lives in: A suburb of Los Angeles, California
Birth Status: Younger by 2 minutes
Hair: Strawberry-blonde
Eyes: Bluish-green
Height: 2 inches shorter than Ashley
Weight: Lighter than Ashley
Preferred Hand: Left
Characteristic: More outgoing and talkative
Parents: Jarnette Olsen-Fuller and Dave Olsen; stepmother McKenzie Taylor
Siblings: Trent, 19; Ashley, 17; Lizzie, 14; Taylor, 7; Jake, 6

1. People who are mean to animals
2. Hard-to-open CD jewel cases
3. Homework
4. Curfew
5. Sharing a birthday