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Did You Know?

1. On the exact day that Mary-Kate and Ashley were born (June 13, 1986), actress Kat Dennings was also born. On the same day, actors Benny Goodman, Mario Ruspoli, and Dean Reed died. It was also the date that actor Robert T. Megginson married Florence-Isabelle Megginson.

2. Stuart Margolin, who played Detective Gremp in To Grandmother's House We Go, also directed the Olsen twins' movies Double, Double, Toil and Trouble and How the West Was Fun.

3. Mary-Kate's name was not hyphenated until they started Full House.

4. Mary-Kate is more bossy than Ashley. This contradicts the song "Identical Twins" (in Our First Video), in which Mary-Kate says that Ashley is bossy.

5. They live more with their dad than with their mom.

6. Their mother doesn't speak to the press anymore.

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley are each worth $38 million.

8. The girls' favorite co-star from Full House was John Stamos.

9. In case of an earthquake, Mary-Kate's room (which is decorated with white oak furniture and a yellow chest) is the safest in their house.

10. Ashley's room is decorated with antique furniture and a large mirror.

11. In 1996, Ashley was Raggedy Ann for Halloween and Mary-Kate was Raggedy Andy. They were both go-go girls 2 years later.

12. Mary-Kate had a car accident and took the whole door off of one side of the car.

13. Ashley's dad made her go on the LA freeway the first day she got her permit.

14. Mary-Kate had her driver's test at 11:10 AM on June 13, 2002. Ashley's test was at 11:30.

15. Mary-Kate got one more question right on the driver's test than Ashley.

16. When filming It Takes Two, they had a sleepover at Kirstie Alley's house.