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Okay, this is just some basic information on some of my friends.

Natalie and I have been best friends since we met in kindergarten. We're so alike sometimes that it's scary. We share a lot of the same interests, we very rarely fight, and we practically live at each other's houses. We go on vacations together in the summer and we're really close with each other's families also.

Matt is my best guy friend. I've known him since grade school, and we've been friends since about the third grade, I think. We're close enough that we spend the night at each other's houses sometimes, and he's one of the nicest guys in the world. I can talk to him about anything. He's also really hot, and if we weren't such good friends, I'd probably have a crush on him.

I became friends with Elyse in seventh grade when she was in a few of my classes. I had met her in sixth grade because that's when she and Natalie met each other, but after seventh grade, Elyse and I got to be really good friends. She's a complete genius at math and science, so sometimes we study together, but we do a lot of social things together too. Sometimes people think that we're sisters because we look somewhat similar.

I met Alissa in health class freshman year. We were from different middle schools and neither of us knew anybody else in the class, so we sort of stuck together and we've stayed really good friends. Alissa is one of the craziest people I know; she's really outgoing, and she's great to go to the mall with and meet guys.

I met Bryan at the beginning of our freshman year. I had a crush on Bryan from the end of freshman year until the end of sophomore year. We never went out and he never knew that I liked him, but since I tried to hang out with him as much as possible when I liked him, we talked a lot and became good friends. We still do things in groups with our other friends sometimes.