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Chinese Zodiac: The Rabbit (1987)
"Don't be shy." I'm sure you've heard this before, Rabbit, but you have to open up. Other people might actually be willing to help fulfill all your needs and desires, but you have to talk to them first. Whether it's a lucrative gig from the friend of a friend or a love interest give you, ahem, all your needs and desires, communication is the key. Want something? Say it loud, say it clear!

Birth Number: 2
You are shy and sensitive, particularly to the needs of others. Home and family oriented, you tend to be reserved. But you need to learn to help others without being taken advantage of. This number identifies with the sign of cancer.

Name Analysis: Madilyn Elizabeth
Being able to be around lots of different people is very important to you. You have a strong desire to communicate and express yourself in any way possible. Because of this, you may be attracted to a career in the arts. Which lends you a strong character and makes you a natural leader. You may be somewhat charismatic, have a strong sense of independence, and are certainly not afraid of new experiences. And others probably view you as being fairly hardworking and dependable. You like to be seen as a very stable and secure, family-oriented individual. And you're more than willing to work hard to achieve the security you desire.

Birthdate Analysis: September 4, 1987
You may appear to be shy and sensitive, and your primary desire is probably to help other people. You tend to be very sympathetic and diplomatic and are usually more willing to compromise than to fight. Your home and family are undoubtedly very important to you and the needs of others tend to be your greatest concern! Now's the time to take control of your life and really get ahead. You'll be desiring money, power and influence more than usual right now. Get organized, make every moment count, and remember keep control of your emotions.

From MSN Astrology.