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About Me

5'1"; 80 lbs.; straight, dark brown hair with very subtle carmel highlights; hazel eyes; medium skin; freckles across my nose; ears pierced; cartilege pierced in right ear; navel ring through the bottom; size 6.5 shoe; 2 scars;

Cares way too much what other people think; overly self-conscious; pretty outgoing; overanalyzes everything; obsessed with taking care of teeth and having good breath; has an excellent memory; described as being too nice; loves writing, drawing, and dancing;

Class of 2005 (junior); no idea what I'll do after high school; 4.0 GPA, only because of easy classes freshman and sophomore years; spends too much time on homework; advanced classes; good at math and science classes; varsity cheerleader;

Lives with mom and younger sister Samantha; older sister, Rosie; older brother, Christian; brother-in-law, Jared; niece, Gracie; never met my dad; gets along well with family;

All kinds; oldies; country; punk; pop; rap; Good Charlotte; Dixie Chicks; Better Than Ezra; Nelly;

Dancing; writing; drawing; shopping; swimming; going to the beach; going to the mall; parties with friends; seeing movies; cheerleading;

Strawberries; bananas; grapes; chocolate; cheese; ice cream; McDonald's; Dairy Queen; fish; pizza; Sprite; water; lemonade;