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How the West Was Fun Quiz

This is a quiz about How the West Was Fun, a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie! Take the quiz, then click the button at the bottom of the page when you're done!

1. Why did Natty call the Martins about her ranch?
Because she wanted them to come stay there
Because she heard about Jessica and Susie's mother dying
Because her ranch was going out of business
Because she wanted Jessica and Susie's mother to help her fix the ranch

2. Who was the Dragon Lady?
Jessica and Susie's mother
Mr. Martin's girlfriend
Mr. Martin's boss
Jessica and Susie's teacher

3. What was happening to reservation letters for the ranch?
The mailman was holding them
Bart was burning them
They got lost in the mail
Nobody was sending them

4. Why did Mr. Martin agree to take the girls to the ranch?
He thought he was fired and wanted a job at the ranch
He wanted the girls to meet Natty
He thought he was getting a vacation from work
He wanted to tell Natty that his wife had died

5. What was Bart planning to turn the ranch into?
Gafooley Land
Gafooley World
Gafooley Center
Gafooley Galaxy

6. George said that Leo McRugger would sell his ______ for a buck.

7. Who, from the Olsen family, made a cameo in this movie?

8. Who was helping Bart with his plan for the ranch?
Jessica and Susie's dad

9. What did Jessica and Susie find at the ranch that belonged to their mother?
Her journal
Her clothes
Her horse
Her hat

10. What did Natty say she should have done to Bart a long time ago?
Given him a good spanking
Grounded him
Disowned him
Killed him